Two-Way Text Program

Cardholders, stay informed!

By signing up for Global Cash Card's two-way text service, you can find out your card balance right from your cell phone!

  • Log in at or call Customer Service at 888-220-4477 to register your mobile phone for the service.
  • Receive the confirmation code on your phone and enter it online/provide it to the Customer Service representative.
  • Text HELP to 28547, or call Customer Service at 888-220-4477 for information on how to use the service.
  • Text BAL to 28547 at any time to receive your current balance.
  • Text STOP to 28547 to stop receiving messages.

Contact Customer Service at any time at 888-220-4477 or via email.

Terms and Conditions

We value your privacy. View the SMS Terms and Conditions.

About Our Wireless Campaign

  • How to opt-in to the campaign: To subscribe to our service, log in at or call Customer Service at 888-220-4477.
  • How to opt-out of the campaign: To opt-out from our SMS service, you can text STOP to 28547 from your mobile phone and we will immediately unsubscribe you. You can also unsubscribe using your account at You may also call us at 888-220-4477 to unsubscribe. After you unsubscribe, you will not receive additional messages until you re-subscribe.
  • How to get help or support: To get help from your mobile phone, you text HELP to 28547. You can also email us, or call our toll free number at 888-220-4477.

Contact Us

  • Email
  • 888-220-4477 Toll-free support
    949-751-0360 outside of U.S.


Supported carriers include AT&T, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Cricket, VMU, Boost, and T-Mobile.

Standard text message and data rates, fees, and charges may apply.