Mobile* Access Applications

Perfect for those on the go, Global Cash Card provides tools for both cardholders and employers to manage accounts from anywhere.

Cardholders can make use of a suite of mobile* resources, including our fully functional mobile* access, text*, and email account alerts.

For employers, our mobile-optimized* experience empowers you to:

  • Load Cards.
  • Debit Cards.
  • Search Cardholders - on 12 different criteria.
  • Check Account Balances.
  • View Paystubs.
  • Create and Manage Web Announcements.
  • Send Emails or Text* Messages.
  • Switch Between Multiple Profiles.

We envisioned a system that would adhere to the strictest security standards without compromising the user experience.

We developed:
  • Multi-factor authentication.
  • Secure 128-bit encrypted connection.
  • No sensitive data stored on the device. Ever.
  • Intelligent Logout.

Global Cash Card Cardholder Mobile* Access presents employees with exactly the information they need, when they need it. This works with any web-enabled mobile* device. Cardholders simply log on to and are automatically directed to a mobile-friendly* site that is tailored to their specific device to view their balance, transaction history, and/or paystub information, as well as transfer funds to another card, bank account, or payee. Cardholders receiving text* or email alerts simply click a link and are automatically redirected to the cardholder mobile* login page.

  • Contains all features needed for the cardholder to securely manage their account directly from their mobile* device.
  • Presents the cardholder with real-time account information on demand.
  • Allows cardholder the opportunity to view their balance, transaction history, paystubs, pay bills and locate an ATM.
  • Allows cardholder the ability to transfer funds to another card, bank account, or payee.
  • Works with any smart phone* or web-enabled device.

Standard text message and data rates, fees, and charges may apply.