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We provide 100% paperless payroll or direct deposit solutions for W-2 employees or 1099 contractors by paying them on our prepaid Visa ® or prepaid Mastercard® paycards. Whether you are looking for a solution for payroll, per diem and travel expenses, government cards, corporate gift cards or incentive cards, we have an easy, customized solution for you.

Employer Benefits

Easy Payment to Your Employees

Use our easy-to-use and secure interface to post paystubs and W-2s online, eliminate the hassle of lost checks, and send announcements and notifications to your employee.

Advantages of Global Cash Card

Save $2.931 per paper paycheck by eliminating the recurring cost of:

  • Posting paystubs
  • Postage
  • Overnight delivery charges
  • Stop payments
  • Fraudulent checks
  • Distribution

Features of Global Cash Card

  • Easy, convenient and flexible reporting online and on-demand, presented by location, or subgroup type all without a fee2
  • Fully functional mobile administrator access that works on any web-enabled device3

Implementation Benefits

The Key to a Successful Paycard Program

A paycard program is most valuable to employers and employees when it is implemented. In order to help you attain maximum enrollment, Global Cash Card has assembled a dedicated Field Support Team.

We Are With You Every Step of the Way

Our wide variety of implementation tools help build a customized program according to your company’s goals, size, and culture. A combination of these tools and resources works best to ensure maximum participation in your paperless pay program.

Our Field Support Team Makes the Transition Easy

  • Assists with training and implementation of the paycard
  • Educates employees on best practices for using a paycard
  • Develops a customized plan to ease the transition for your employees
  • Measures the success of your paycard program
  • Helps your employees realize the benefits of a paperless pay program

Cardholder Benefits

Cost Savings

Global Cash Card cardholders keep their hard earned money in their pocket. Global Cash Card is more cost-effective for cardholders than other payment methods, and cardholders can realize significant cost savings when switching to a paycard.

Easy Way to Get Paid

With Global Cash Card, cardholders can skip trips to the bank and check-cashing stores and quit waiting for the mail.

More Benefits for Cardholders

  • Receive automatic text or email alerts regarding your card activity.2
  • Signature transactions are always without a fee.3
  • Expense manager helps organize, categorize, and budget expenses.
  • Money on paycards is protected by regulation E and either the Mastercard or Visa Zero Liability Policy.4
  • Pay bills online with merchants where Visa or Mastercard are accepted, or use our convenient bill pay system when Visa or Mastercard are not accepted.
  • Fully functional mobile cardholder access that works on any web-enabled device.3

Cardholder Sweepstakes

Swipe away for a chance to win!

Signature transactions with your Visa Global Cash Card could win you a car!

Use your Mastercard Global Cash Card for a chance to win $15,000!

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Hundreds of clients, thousands of cardholders, and millions of card loads. We take pride in providing service that excels expectations to each and every one.


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