Employer Benefits

Pay your employees on the Global Cash Card paycard and post paystubs and W-2s online, eliminate the hassle of lost checks, and send announcements and notifications to your employees through our easy-to-use interface.

Cost-Benefit Advantages of Global Cash Card

  • Eliminate recurring costs of traditional paper paychecks, including postage, overnight delivery charges, and other expenses.
  • Decrease security risks with paperless pay statements, and avoid window envelopes that attract theft.
  • Reduce bank service fees, account reconciliation costs, and stop-payment fees for lost or stolen paychecks.
  • Manage final wage payments to terminated workers via payment to a paycard instead of a final paper paycheck via overnight delivery.
  • Simplify payments to employees, regardless of location.
  • Eliminate escheatment.
  • Decrease paycheck fraud.

Easy to Manage

Global Cash Card's fully scalable program is designed to be secure, fast, flexible and amazingly user-friendly. Your company can set permissions according to your needs. Adding employees and administering payroll is quick and easy.

Easy, Convenient and Flexible Reporting

We maximize your ability to access all reporting by providing it online, on demand and in real time. Plus, it can be presented by location or any other subgroup type. Best of all, we provide all reporting for the employer at no cost.

Easy Payment Methods

Besides paying by traditional direct deposit or by batch with the Global Cash Card proprietary system, you can also load cards on demand in real time for expenses, commissions, off-cycle payments, payroll errors, or termination pay.

Customized Programs

Our proprietary solution is customized to meet your needs and exceed expectations. Once your program requirements have been defined, our seasoned implementation team steps you through a smooth and successful transition. Training materials and customer service are integrated from program inception through launch.

Branding Opportunities

Global Cash Card offers the option to create customized paycards that promote your company's brand. We can also brand your online cardholder and administrative interfaces, enhancing your corporate identity.

With so many ways to make your life easier, it's no wonder Global Cash Card is recognized as the Proven Specialist in customized paycard solutions that are simple to implement and easy to use.

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