Cardholder Benefits

Cost Savings

Payroll cards are more cost-effective for cardholders than other payment methods and cardholders can realize significant cost savings when switching to a paycard.

Instant Payment

With Global Cash Card, cardholders can skip trips to the bank and check cashing stores, and quit waiting for the mail. Funds are automatically deposited like clockwork and always available the second they hit their card.

Convenient Card Use

Enjoy the privilege of using a paycard that is accepted at retailers worldwide. Cardholders can use their cards anywhere VISA or MasterCard are accepted or get cash at millions of ATMs worldwide.

Mobile Access

Perfect for those on the go, Global Cash Card provides solutions for wireless transactions. Cardholders can check card balances, transfer funds, pay bills, find ATMs, and much more.

Text and Email Alerts

Global Cash Card can automatically send text or email alerts notifying cardholders when an account has been credited, debited, or when a minimum balance has been reached.

Rewards Programs with No Fee* Enrollment

Global Cash Card's Rewards and Discounts programs provide generous discounts for health insurance, travel, restaurants, entertainment, and much more.

Many More Benefits for Cardholders...

With Global Cash Card, cardholders also get these benefits:

  • Receive pay on holidays and days off with direct transfer of funds to paycards.
  • All paycard funds are FDIC insured.
  • Money on paycards is protected by the use of a 4-digit PIN and MasterCard's and Visa's Zero Liability Policy.
  • Reduce the risk of check or identity theft.
  • Allow family member access to money by providing a card to a designated family member.
  • Get paid on time even in the case of storms or natural disasters.
  • Pay bills online with merchants using our bill pay system or with our convenience check feature.
  • Load additional funds onto the paycard from any Moneygram or Western Union location.
  • Load tax refunds or other deposits directly onto the paycard.
  • Your paycard is your property, so take it with you to your next employer.

*While this feature is available at no fee, certain other transaction fees and costs, terms, and conditions are associated with the use of the card. Contact Global Cash Card for details.

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